Tours of Poland

Our Tours of Poland explore a wonderful destination due to Poland’s unique and eventful history. Tours of PolandTraces of the past are in every city and region. it has been ruled by great past powers like the Piast, one of Europe’s oldest dynasties. Later on the Jagiellons, the Teutonic Knights and the medieval Hanseatic League. You can see the battlegrounds of World War II, remember the atrocities of the Holocaust, see how the rule by the Soviets affected Polish life and be inspired by the wave of political change after 1980.

See historic Warsaw to the scenic mountain town of Zakopane. Tour the regal palaces and cathedrals of Krakow. Visit the Martyrdom Museum of the former Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. Marvel at the underground chambers, grottoes, and chapels carved from salt at the Wieliczka Salt Mine and have dinner with a folkloric show in Wieliczka, before returning to Krakow. Enjoy everything from scenic beauty, powerful history and wonderful culture.

Tours of Poland:

Poland is a country of 1000-year-old history, rich traditions and abundant cultural heritage. The legacy of bygone centuries that includes monuments of architecture, historical mementos and masterpieces of art is perfectly combined with the wealth of Polish nature and its original landscapes. After countless wars, partitions and other political and social turbulences, the preserved and restored castles and palaces are now part of Poland’s historical heritage. Priceless monuments of the past remained untouched in many places. Others were restored or reconstructed with such meticulous care that they became works of art no less important than the original structures. By far, the boldest such undertaking was the reconstruction of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.  Whether preserved or restored, castles and palaces are full of life these days. They are homes to museums and/or education centers. They are venues for cultural events or outdoors events. They have been converted into luxury hotels with spa facilities.  While restaurants in castles and palaces take you on journeys to the times of hunters’ parties and opulent feasts of the Polish nobility.

From the times of the Temple of Sybilla, the first museum in Poland created in Puławy, some 200 years have passed. Today’s museums have become increasingly very modern places with interactive facilities, which enlighten us about our world; they intrigue and can even provoke laughter. They are often established as a result of someone’s passion, some person so interested in the subject that he or she wanted to pass on this passion.

In the remarkable Museum of the Warsaw Rising the horror of those days is amplified by the sounds of the planes dropping bombs and the explosion of shells. The visitor to the museum can ‘call’ an insurgent, who will tell them their story; he pushes himself through the sewers; he tears off the pages of a calendar documenting the days of the Rising. In the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdroj anyone can drain off the paper mass on a riddle then put it into the press to obtain their own sheet of paper-mache. Museums lead us along many, different trails. Biographical museum with the lives of people known only perhaps from encyclopedias: Nicolaus Copernicus (Frombork), Nikifor (Krynica), Kornel Makuszynski (Zakopane) or Stanislaw Wyspianski (Krakow).

Here is a link to the Polish Tourist Authority to whet your appetite!

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