Tipping in Europe: When and Where to Tip

Tipping in Europe is not as stressful as it is in North America. While many service industry professionals earn lower wages and depend on tips for a living in countries like the United States, their European counterparts often earn comparatively higher salaries and view themselves as professionals. Service charge is often included in the bill, even if it states “Tip is Not Included” so be careful not to overpay. When Tipping in Europe, it is always better to hand cash to the wait staff discreetly but directly. In the event you don’t have local currency or forget, do not worry, the staff are paid and do not need the tips to earn their weekly wage, it is just a nice bonus.

Tipping in Europe By VenueTipping in Europe


Bars and cafes

Very little tipping exists or is expected, leave the small change if you wish but not less than €1


Tipping is more common in elegant restaurants or with larger groups. Most Europeans don’t leave more than 10% percent of the total. In some countries like Germany, leaving coins can be considered a little rude, so get the bill, review it for service charge and then state how much you wish to pay.


Normally no tipping other than rounding up if you wish. Some locals will tip their cab drivers more if he or she performed a special service, such as helping carry luggage from the cab itself into a hotel. Even in this case, though, the total tip never usually exceeds one or two euro.

Hotel staff

  • Porters: Around €1 euro per bag
  • Housekeeping: around € 3 euros
  • Concierge: €5 for exceptional service
  • Room service: €1 or €2 to the person who delivers the service
  • Doorman: €1 if they help you with luggage or hail a cab

Spa and resort staff

  • Tipping is not expected, but you can leave up to 10 percent of your total bill if you wish.

Tour guides

  • Your guide will appreciate a tip. The smaller your group is, the more you should tip.
  • For example, if you and your partner are taking a private guided tour and your guide provided excellent service, most people would tip them anywhere from €10 per day.
  • On a larger tour €5 per day is fine.

Tipping In Europe By Country

  • The Baltic Countries will enjoy 5-10% depending on formality
  • Czech waiters will be happy with 10 – 15%
  • Greece usually like 10% but no less than €2
  • Italians like €1-2 for general service, 10% in restaurants and €5 per day for guides (optional)
  • Scandinavian counties usually include a service charge, but you can add 10% if you wish
  • In Spain a 10% tip in an elegant restaurant is plenty


  • Almost all restaurants add a 15% service charge “Service Compris”
  • If it was very good, leaving 3% extra is customary, also leave the small change if you pay in cash
  • If service is not included “Service non compris” a 15% tip is appropriate
  • Hotel porters get €1.50 for each bag and chambermaids 1.50€ a day.
  • Taxi drivers expect 10-15% of the metered fare.
  • Ushers, Cloakroom and bathroom attendant get €1
  • Tour guides and bus drivers generally enjoy €2 per day, depending on your satisfaction

Great Britain and IrelandTipping in Europe

  • Although it’s not necessary to tip, it’s always greatly appreciated and will be greeted with that endearing British politeness. Overall 10% for good service is acceptable
  • For taxis you can round up to the nearest pound. For great service, a 10 % tip is a nice gesture.
  • A service charge is often added to restaurant bills, which you are expected to pay, so check first. If nothing is added and you are happy with the service, then 10% is sufficient.
  • Hotel porters usually receive £1-2
  • Room service is discretionary


  • A tip is called “Trinkgeld” in German or “Drink money”
  • Tips are commonplace in restaurants, bars, for drivers and guides.
  • A general guide is approximately 5-10% is customary if you were satisfied with the service.
  • Drivers enjoy € 1-2 per day
  • Hotel chambermaids can be left € 1-2
  • For Tour guides € 2-3 per day, per person is normal
  • If you didn’t appreciate the service (e.g. slow, snippy or indifferent service) don’t tip.


  • Generally, 10% in restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Hotel porters, housekeeping and room service appreciate 5 Turkish Liras
  • Reception often enjoy 20-50TL after checking out
  • Turkish people round up taxi fares
  • Tipping is always done with cash
  • Tour Guides 20 to 30 TL is common

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