Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland

Scandinavia includes chic cities, remote forests,Viking history, Sami culture, the northern lights and majestic fjords.

Scandinavia, the spectacularly beautiful northernmost region of Europe with its sophisticated capitals, fantastic scenery, UNESCO World Heritage sites and the way of life where nature is not just a place, it is a state of mind.

Cruise around the Fjords of Norway, claimed to be the best untouched destinations in the world! Travel by train among towering mountains through the longest viaducts and tunnels you can find, smell the salty air as your express boat navigates to your next town, savor cod or mackerel fished fresh from the North Sea, try tender cuts of wild game grazing freely year around. It was from Denmark a thousand years ago that the Vikings began their explorations to conquer much of Europe. 

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