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River and Coastal Cruises

Most iconic cities were built on riverways and protected coastlines. Blue Danube Holidays and Cruises take you to centuries old historic places. Along the way there is always plenty to see on both banks and at every port of call. The scenery is always interesting with towns, castles and monasteries built on river banks. You can idly gaze at the scenery, as others have done for thousands of years before, as you drift downstream. Smaller boats are more intimate, they can access more secluded, harder to get to places. Coastal and river vessels visit a new port each day, and passengers can visit up to five countries in a week. Immerse yourself in the culture and feel the life blood of each country.


You can see all of our cruises on our Blue Danube Holidays website, Below are links to the European River Cruises and Coastal Cruises: