Poland is a wonderful vacation destination due to its unique and eventful history. Traces of the country’s past can be seen in every city and region. it has been ruled by great past powers like the Piast, one of Europe’s oldest dynasties. Later on the Jagiellons, the Teutonic Knights and the medieval Hanseatic League. You can see the battlegrounds of World War II, remember the atrocities of the Holocaust, see how the rule by the Soviets affected Polish life and be inspired by the wave of political change after 1980.

See historic Warsaw to the scenic mountain town of Zakopane. Tour the regal palaces and cathedrals of Krakow. Visit the Martyrdom Museum of the former Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. Marvel at the underground chambers, grottoes, and chapels carved from salt at the Wieliczka Salt Mine and have dinner with a folkloric show in Wieliczka, before returning to Krakow. Enjoy everything from scenic beauty, powerful history and wonderful culture.


Here is a link to the Polish Tourist Authority to whet your appetite!