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Multi Country Tours in Eastern Europe

Guided European Multi Country Tours 2018

Eastern and Central Europe

Early bird discount of  10 % on selected tours for bookings made before 30 Jan 2018


Discover Eastern and Western Europe with our experts! All of our tours are designed by highly specialized European specialists that know the region inside out. All escorted tours have several departures dates during season between April and October.

From mighty Russia’s imperial cities to the UNESCO sites of the Baltics, Medieval Krakow and the Golden city of Prague, our tours offer magic at every step. Discover the Balkans, sought after by major powers from West to East during history and the captivating charms of the beautiful Adriatic regions fascinated by peoples since prehistory. Also visit our one-country Eastern Europe tours for more information to get to know each country in more detail.

Multi Country Combination Tours

Grand Tour of Eastern Europe from Moscow to Prague –  18 days/17 nights Russia , Baltic States and Eastern Europe, Moscow, St Petersburg, Tallin, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague 2018

Russia, Baltic and Poland Tour  – 13days/12 nights – from Moscow to Warsaw, St Petersburg, Tallin, Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw  April -October  2018

Highlights of Eastern Europe – 13 days/12 nights from Vienna to Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin and Prague May – Oct 2018

Poland Germany and Prague Escorted Tour – 7 days/6 nights from Warsaw to Berlin and Prague May – Oct 2018

Beauties of the Balkans  Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia Croatia Tour   7 nights 8 days May to September 2018

Balkan Countries Grand Tour Discover the Balkans- Croatia Slovenia, Montenegro Albania and Macedonia 2018

Highlights of Croatia Bosnia Hercegovina and Serbia Tour   from Dubrovnik 2018

Other Eastern Europe Single country Tours  for those interested in knowing countries in more details

Austria  Hungary  Prague  Romania Poland  Germany Combination Tours

Prague Vienna Budapest Escorted Tour 10 days from Prague and Vienna to Budapest with opera and concert tickets and special folklore dinners
Prague Vienna Escorted Tour – 7days from Prague to Vienna with opera and concert tickets and special folklore dinners
Vienna Budapest Escorted Tour – 7days from Vienna to Budapest with concert tickets and folklore dinners

France Escorted tour to Normandy and the Loire Valley  short tour 3 nights/4 days

Other European Escorted Tours to France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia

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