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Our Hungary Spas Budapest specialize in natural treatments for Arthritis and Locomotion Problems. The sulphur based natural springs  offer the best natural relief for Arthritis, Rheumatism, back and joint pains and other locomotion problems.  With its over 400 hot springs, Hungary is a world leader in medicinal spa vacationing. Budapest is often called the “Spa Capital” because it is the only capital city in the world with real hot springs inside the city boundaries. Spa vacationing has a long tradition in Hungary and goes back to Roman times. Our spas offer all the comforts of modern facilities.

The spas are built over the hot springs or the spring water is taken directly to the spa center from the natural springs, so you do not have to dress up and walk over from your hotels to the spa centers for treatments or bathing in the natural pools. You can wear your bathing suit and the robes provided by the spa hotel and get into the elevator from your hotel room to be taken directly to the spa thermal centers.

Thermal water therapy has been proved during centuries to be helpful in joint and muscle disorders, degenerative nerve conditions, rehabilitation therapy after fractures, some bone deformities and disorders of the peripheral circulation. For rheumatic problems, the thermal water is effectively used in therapeutic equipment. During treatments the mineral substances brake down to support healing. Through continued, regular treatments, good results can be obtained in case of degenerative and post-inflammatory conditions of muscles, joints and intestines.


Budapest is a bustling cultural capital with many museums, casinos, opera and concert halls. The European cafe houses are frequently visited on lazy afternoons by our spa guests for an espresso and an irresistible pastry. The most visited spas in Budapest are located located on the bucolic traffic free island named after St Margaret, whose medieval monastery ruins can still be visited on the island. Take a daily strolls around the island’s centuries-old trees, rose garden, hidden statues and ruins. The island is in the center of the Danube that divides Budapest into two parts, Buda and Pest. Buda is the ancient, hilly part of the city with its historic district and Royal Castle overlooking the Danube river, while Pest is the commercial, entertainment and shopping area of the metropolis.

Budapest spas are considered one of the most important spas in the world where the abundance of the natural chlorine-free thermal waters, the attentiveness of highly qualified medical doctors, the most modern therapeutic and diagnostic equipment and relaxing serene surroundings ensure the best spa experience that suit guests’ needs on different levels.

Healing Waters 

At our medicinal spas at the curative hot spring waters rush to the surface and are cooled to different temperatures. You can choose between several thermal pools of varying degrees. The main element of the water is sulphate, but the concentration is mild, it does not have the typical offensive rotten egg smell. In addition to Sulphur, there are many other minerals and gaseous elements that are very effective in hydrotherapy treatments and used also for drinking cures.

The gaseous content of the water is quite significant. When bathing in these waters, due to the gas content of the spring water your body is enveloped in an even film of little bubbles. The gas content is not very strong though, you do not feel like bathing in sparkling water. If you want the sparkling effect though you can try the “Champaign bath” often used for circulatory problems.

Based on the spa doctor’s prescription and recommendation you can stay in the waters from 15-30 minutes each time. You will feel tired afterwards and it is recommended to cool off on the lawn chairs wrapped in your bathrobe provided by the spa hotel. The cooled, moderate temperature of the waters at our Budapest spa is suitable for those of hypertension and heart conditions as well. Because thermal baths at our spas are taken every day during the guest’s stay, all patients experience a distinctive soothing and calming effect to calm nerves and relax overworked adrenals. 


Therapeutic mud is brought in to the spa center from Heviz, a hot thermal lake unique in the world. In addition to the medical treatments that are part of the spa package cost, our Budapest spa offers beauty and dental treatments as well as cosmetic surgery options for extra cost. The idyllic, traffic free island is Budapest’s mid Danube treasure only minutes away from downtown attractions. Three thermal springs feed the world famous spa to offer relaxation and cure for thousands of visitors each season. The spa’s treatment center is equipped with the most modern balneo, electro, mechano and dental technology.


Margitsziget, (Margaret Island), is on the Danube between Buda and Pest. It was established as a therapeutic spa in 1886. The natural, curative thermal waters, a pleasant climate and the mid-Danube location, combines perfectly with a full range of up to date medical practice and equipment. The two hotels connected with the treatment center are the Health Spa Resort Margitsziget and the Grand Hotel. The first class Thermal Hotel was completed in 1979 as the world’s first ever metropolitan health resort hotel. The 120 year old  Grand Hotel reopened its doors in 1987 after a complete renovation.

The waters are at a temperature of 70 C  (158 F) and are cooled down to 34 C (89 F), while maintaining the active curative ingredients. The remaining minerals and gases are efficacious in hydrotherapy and in ingestion treatments without the typical sulphur odor. The huge park surrounding the two hotels on the Island offers numerous possibilities for recreation or sports. In spite of the fact that Margaret Island is situated in the heart of Budapest, it’s unique micro climate and calmness makes it an ideal spot for spa visitors. 


To augment the therapeutic effect of thermal water, massage of gymnastic programs are often prescribed and for this purpose, Margaret Island Spa has the most up-to-date facilities. The X-ray unit is worth special note for the full range of modern equipment it provides for all kinds of examinations. The clinical laboratory is thoroughly equipped with instrumentation for every conceivable clinical examination. Pharmacy stocks medications from both Eastern and Western European pharmaceutical companies. The Spa maintains a close relationship with the National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy  and when necessary, prominent specialists are consulted in complex cases.

Medical Staff

Current and comprehensive treatment is provided by the staff of experienced physicians. A highly qualified professional staff works closely with them to aid in the convalescence of spa patients. Optional dental and affordable cosmetic surgery is also offered on optional basis by US trained cosmetic surgeons.



The hotels Can be booked without therapeutic programs. The price includes leisure and wellness programs.

  • Stay with half board (buffet breakfast and dinner)
  • Unlimited use of the spa facilities: indoor and – in the season – outdoor pools, thermal baths, hydro pool, sauna, aroma and steam bath
  • All group exercise classes: aqua-jogging, aerobics, step, spine gym, Pilates
  • Separate ladies bathing hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 12:00 p.m. -1 p.m
  • Premier Fitness club

Grand Hotel Margitsziget SP101

The Grand Margaret Island Health Spa Hotel is sure to please the mind, body and soul. The elegant fin-de-siècle architecture of the hotel and the panoramic view overlooking the Danube and the mature trees of Margaret Island will simply take your breath away. Equally impressive is the expert medical expertise and treatments we have specially designed to get your musculoskeletal system back on track.

Experience the historic charm of this Hotel with the recently renovated rooms, the famous Széchenyi Restaurant with its inviting garden terrace, and the attentive, exquisite Four-Star service that will immediately put your mind at ease. Rejuvenate your body in the spa area of the adjacent Thermal Margaret Island Health Spa Hotel – the city’s best health hotel with its own mineral-rich thermal springs, large spa area and extensive medical expertise. Finally, nourish your soul in our wellness area where we will pamper you beyond belief.

Pricing in Euro Per Person Per Night
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Health Spa Hotel Margitsziget SP102

The location of the Thermal Margaret Island Health Spa is simply unique. Situated on beautiful Margaret Island, the quiet leisure paradise in the heart of Budapest and a stone’s throw away from the bustling life of the Hungarian capital. The possibilities are endless in this up-and-coming metropolis and legendary spa destination.

This Four-Star Hotel is by far the best health hotel in Budapest – with its proprietary thermal water springs, expansive spa and wellness area, modern fitness centre and medical expertise in balneotherapy, rehabilitation and cosmetic surgery.

The property is also a popular destination for business meetings with our newly renovated rooms, a sophisticated conference and lobby area and an exclusive executive lounge. The lush landscape lends well to a variety of sports and leisure activities as well as breathtaking sights to see and explore.

Pricing in Euro Per Person Per Night

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Prices are supplementary to the leisure programmes. (Cost of medicines, laboratory test and X-ray to be paid extra)


A holistic program that uses the healing power of thermal water to regenerate the body and prevent various indications such as muscle tension and joint pain.

  • Includes: Initial doctor’s check-up, 6 treatments from the following as prescribed. Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy (incl. max. 3 medical massages (20’), Electrotherapy, Mud pack (20’), Inhalation (60’)
  • Euro 150 per person/program from 6 nights

For active health care, for rehabilitation and for effective healing of diseases of mobility disorders or distress.

  • Includes: Initial doctor’s check-up, 10 treatments from the following as prescribed. Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy (incl. max. 4 medical massages (20’), Electrotherapy, Mud pack (20’), Inhalation (60’)
  • Euro 195 per person/program from 6 nights with 10 treatments
  • Euro 390 per person/program from 13 nights with 20 treatments

For effective treating of chronic diseases of the bones, joints, muscles. Ideal also as a recovery from everyday stress and to improve the state of health.

  • Includes: Initial doctor’s check-up, 30 treatments from the following as prescribed. Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy (incl. max. 10 medical massages-20’), Electrotherapy, Mud pack (20’), Inhalation (60’)
  • Euro 490 per person/program from 13 nights

Ideal for rheumatic diseases, orthopaedic complaints and rehabilitation after injuries. As well as for active health care and for back problems. The daily bathing in the healing thermal water charges you with life energy and vitality and is good for the support of and musculature.

  • Includes: Doctor’s initial and final check-up and 45 treatments from the following as prescribed. Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy (incl. max. 15 medical massages 20’), Electrotherapy, Mud pack (20’) and Inhalation (60’)
  • Euro 630 per person/program from 21 nights

Salus per aquam. The regenerative and healing power of the thermal water of 38 °C is now considered an insider tip and allows extraordinary successes in health care and effective treating of rheumatism, mobility disorders.

  • Includes: Doctor’s initial and final check-up and 18 treatments from the following as prescribed. Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy (incl. max. 9 medical massages 20’), Electrotherapy, Mud pack (20’) and Inhalation (60’)
  • Euro 360 per person/program from 21 nights

Finally free from back pain. Enjoy your life out and out! Get a piece of life quality and a sense of life again. We soothe pains with our healing mud, thermal water or through prevention and targeted movement.

  • Includes: Doctor’s initial check-up and 10 therapeutic exercises 40’, 2 medical massages 20’
  • Euro 200 per person/program from 21 nights


Without accommodation and meals, these offers are valid only if a Leisure programme is booked.


The lack of energy or stress increases the risk of diseases of civilization. According to the medical consultation and diagnosis we provide treatments recharging the energy stores of the body in order you can return back home renewed, able to face the challenges of everyday life. The fitness trainer consultation draws your attention to the benefits of regular exercises and of active lifestyle.

  • Medical wellness doctor’s consultation, arterygraph, respiratory function, 1 personal fitness consultation, 6 treatments from the following as prescribed: hydromassage (20′), underwater jet massage (15′), foot massage (20′), magnetic therapy (20′), mud pack (20′), oxygen inhalation (60′), salt cave (45′), revitalizing aroma massage (20′), hot towel back massage (20′), traditional dry brush massage (20′), hot stone massage (50′), revitalizing aroma bath (20′), infrasauna. 15% discount on following diagnostic examinations: cholesterol measuring, blood sugar test.
  • Euro 192 per person/program for min 6 nights stay

Our eating habits, the lack of exercise, the mental surfeit due to hectic lifestyles lead to the accumulation of waste products, which can cause many diseases. With this program we would like to offer you a taste to experience the benefits of detox treatments. On the basis of medical advice we recommend you a treatment combination to help purifying the body and offering mental relaxation.

  • Medical wellness doctor’s consultation with arterygraph, respiratory function, cholesterol measurement and blood sugar test:
  • Includes: 1 individual nutrition advice, 12 treatments from the following as prescribed: hydro massage (20′), underwater jet massage (15′), mechanical lymph drainage (20′), magnetic therapy (30′), salt cave (45′), traditional dry brush massage (20′), alkaline bath 20’, wellness mud pack (20′), infrasauna (20′), body scrub with salt and fruit brandy and alkaline bath (40′), body wrapping 50′ – (maximum 2 x 40’/50′ treatment)
  • Euro 300 per person/program for min 6 nights stay


Without accommodation and meals. These offers are valid only if a Leisure programme is booked.


Abandon yourself to the world of senses. Recharge your batteries and exhilaration and just enjoy the day. A true paradise for relaxing with 2 self-chosen pampering treatments.

  • Includes: 2 treatments from the following sortiment: salt cave 45’, relaxing aromatic massage 20’, 1 relaxing aromatic bath 20’, relaxing head and face massage 15’, Cleopatra bath 20′, hot towel back massage 20’, wine cream massage 20’, bitter and sweet beer bath, red wine bath with anti-cellulite effect 20’
  • Euro 52 per person / program

For restoring inner balance and learning personalized strategies to keep them in everyday life. Ideal against i.a. stress and insomnia and to improve the physical and mental condition.

  • Includes: 2 salt cave (45′), 1 hot stone therapy 50′, 1 relaxing aromatic massage (20′), 1 relaxing aromatic bath (20′) á la carte: red wine bath with anti-cellulit effect, bitter-sweet beer bath, 1 relaxing head and face massage (15′)
  • Euro 159 per person/program for min 4 nights stay

Relax, rest and peace. Pamper yourself and do something good. Simply enjoy it!

  • Includes: 1 relaxing aromatic massage (20′), 1 manicure without lack, 1 facial treatment (60’) for ladies or for men at the Emporium Beauty Salon
  • Euro 106 per person/program for min 2 nights stay

Do you want to feel beautiful around inside and outside again? Then this program is made for you.

  • Includes: Face cleaning, peeling and massage with Kaviczky products 30’
  • Euro 27 per person/program for min 2 nights stay
  • New Year’s Eve compulsory surcharge including Gala Dinner euro 136 per person at Health Spa Resort and Grand Hotel
  • During the Formula 1 Grand Prix race there is a supplement of Euro 60 per room per night for stays up to 6 nights
  • Full board supplement (at both hotels): Euro 20 per person per day
  • Child policy (at both hotels): Children under the age of 12 using an extra bed or cot can stay free of charge (on bed and breakfast basis) when sharing their parent’s room. Childrens main meal 6-12 years: Euro 13 per day.
  • Transfer from Airport – hotel one way US$ 75 per car (1-2 pax)
  • Free return airport shuttle transfer for stays of 21 nights or more

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