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Karlovy Vary Spas in the Czech republic are great value for money. Their location provides access to some of Europe’s most majestic medieval towns, castles and cathedrals.

The warm spring water from the Karlovy Vary springs has been used for healing since the latter half of the 14th century. For 650 years, Karlovy Vary Spa has become one of the most important world spas.

Tens of thousands of people worldwide arrive every year to receive the unique treatment based on 12 thermal springs. The present spa treatment is the result of the life-long efforts of a few important spa physicians and scientists.

Curative Waters

For approximately 200 years following the discovery of the first spring, the thermal water was used solely for curative baths.

The unique natural conditions for balneology come in the form of many curative springs rising from a depth of 2500 m. The warm springs have a temperature up to72°C.

The spa physicians prescribe the patients water procedures taking approximately 20 – 60 minutes. The baths use the cooled down water from the Boiling Spring. Other springs are used for the drinking cure.

Drinking Cure

In 1521 the spring water started to be used internally. The spa treatments  included digestive tract diseases and metabolism disorders. Physicians prescribe approximately 1 liter of the thermal water a day. The therapy is completed with various types of massages, wraps, and other therapies.

Treatable  Symptoms

The complex treatments are designed for the following

  • Digestive system diseases – ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum, intestinal problems, conditions after surgery of intestines, stomach, gallbladder, chronic diseases of liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines.
  • Metabolic diseases – diabetes, obesity, fat metabolism malfunctions, gout
  • Locomotive organs diseases – degenerative illnesses of spine and large joints
  • Oncologic diseases – cancer of stomach, colon, recto sigma, rectum, anus, breast (after completion of a complex antitumor treatment without clinical signs of activity)
  • Nervous diseases – polyneuropathy, Radiculopathies with irritation syndrome, Central nervous system inflammation, Remission of multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular diseases, Syringomyelia, Poliomyelitis, Parkinson disease

Combining natural medicine (drinking cure, baths, inhalations, etc. with the best balneology procedures brings better results.

Other natural curative sources are mineral waters, gasses, bogs, peat, and mud (globally called peloids). Our medical facilities uses peloids for wraps and also for baths with peloids infusion.

They stimulate the thermoregulatory mechanisms of a body, improve the sensitivity of cells to oxygen and other active substances, have beneficial immunology and analgesic effects and help to soften ligaments.

The treatment is also completed with aqua therapy, reflex and underwater massages, and other physical therapy from artificial sources – warmth, light, sound, electropathy, and others.

Positive effects on a body are certainly not limited to the time you actually spend in spas. The result of spa care is not only a global “tuning” of your body, but also the feeling of relief and freshness. These effects positively and on a long-term basis intervene in the course of a disease or for prevention; this change usually persists for 5- 6 months in the case of a chronic illness.

Hotel imperial-SP306

The impressive hotel building, carefully embedded in the natural environment of Karlovy Vary and corresponding to the most demanding requirements on spa architecture focused on artistic details and overall comfort, was festively launched in operation on June 18th, 1912.

The idea of building this “dreamy” international hotel came from a Karlovy Vary banker and entrepreneur, Alfred Schwalb. At the beginning of the past century, he bought the lots Na čihadle, located ideally above the city, which even then did not have enough accommodation capacities for its guests. He hired the experienced French engineer, Ernest Hebrard, who, among other things, participated in the construction of Hanoi or the Greek Thessaloniki. According to his drafts and under his leadership, the city got its new dominant feature on the Helenin dvůr hillside between 1910 – 1912. The Hotel Imperial was, besides others, the first structure within the Czech territory which was built using the new technology of poured concrete.

Winner of “Czech Republic Leading Spa Resort” in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

The present five-star Hotel Imperial is a holder of the World Travel Awards, a prestigious international prize for the best spa hotel in the Czech Republic. However, it definitely does not rest on its laurels and continues to do the maximum to satisfy its guests.

The Imperial Balneology Centrum received a brand new face shining with colors in 2007. Practically everything here is new: the layout, all the technical equipment, balneology technology, tubs, and the modern stainless steel rehabilitation pool.

This palatial hotel is 1 km from both Grandhotel Pupp, which hosts the city’s annual film festival and from hot springs at the Mill Colonnam. It’s 17 km from the medieval Loket Castle.

Warm, refined rooms feature free Wi-Fi, minibars, and flat-screen TVs. Upgraded rooms and suites come with separate living rooms; some feature kitchenettes, whirlpool tubs and/or dining tables.

Breakfast is complimentary. The 2 elegant restaurants serve Czech and French food, and there’s a Viennese-style cafe and an English-style bar. Other amenities include a spa, and indoor and outdoor pools, plus a sports complex with a climbing wall and tennis courts.

Price Per Person Per Day In Euro

Karlovy Vary Spas
Hotel Imperial
Karlovy Vary Spas
Deluxe Suite
Karlovy Vary Spas
Karlovy Vary Spas
Superior Suite
Karlovy Vary Spas
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Karlovy Vary Spas
Standard Room

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In general, baths, wraps, inhalation and drinking cure belong to unique procedures which exploit locally available curative resources. The success of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment comes from the extraordinary properties of local mineral water which is obtained from a total of 12 springs with a temperature of 30 to 72°C. The richest, most robust and warmest spring called Hot Spring is supplied right to the balneological center of our hotel. It is used for drinking cure, inhalation, irrigation, baths or water massages. Our procedures also use gases, salts, peat, moor, and mud (peloids) for the application of wraps and baths. Moreover, rejuvenating effects are provided by the very location of our city upon the valley running along the Tepla River. Enjoy a walk at the riverside and let your body and mind relax.


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