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Health Spas of Europe combine rejuvenation with a vacation experience in our highly affordable Health Spas of EuropeEuropean spas with one, two and three-week curative packages all year around. If you suffer from Arthritis, Rheumatism, back, pains, joint pains and other locomotion problems. Our Sulphur based natural springs give you the best natural relief for aches and pains.

Try the natural mineral solutions instead of pharmaceuticals with their many side effects. With its over 400 hot springs, Hungary is a world leader in medicinal spa vacationing. Budapest is often called the “Spa Capital” because it is the only capital with hot springs inside the city boundaries. Spa vacationing has a long tradition in Hungary and goes back to Roman times. In Budapest, our spas offer all the comfort and modern facilities that other spas do not have.

On the western foothills of the Gorgony Alps, Hotel Sovata stands at a height of 500 m. The spa’s pride and joy is Lake Bear. The lake is heliothermal (heated by sunlight). Its mud and exceptionally high salt content (250 gm per litre) are the basis for the treatments offered. These treatments include locomotive, dermatological, gynaecological. The lake can be used for bathing from mid-June to early September. 

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