A Guide to European Hotel Taxes

In A Guide to European Hotel Taxes we want to show that there are tourist taxes that the hotel charges. How much depends on where you are. When planning your vacation to Europe, remember to factor in  the city tourism tax into your budget. These taxes are collected by the hotels and vary by region, hotel size and category.

In order to help you plan we have summarized the taxes by country below. These prices were accurate in March 2019. Check with the hotel directly for current prices.


Austrian taxes ranges from €0.15 to 3.02% of the hotel cost per person per night in Vienna and Salzburg.


Taxes vary by city and rise from €2 per person per night in Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent. Brussels varies by borough, hotel size and category. The Novotel is €7.50 per room, per night.


Tourist taxes range from 0.2 to 3 Bulgarian (BGN) Lev to around 3 Lev


The tax can be up to 10 kn (Kuna) per person per night depending on the category of the accommodation and season

The Czech Republic

The nightly tax can be is €0.50 


Hotel taxes are €0.20 to €4 per person, per night and Paris charges an extra 10% on top of the tax


Taxes can vary from €0.50 to €5 per person, per night or 5% of the room bill depending on the location (Munich has none) and type of accommodation.


Charges are 4% of the price of your room per night


Taxes varies from city to city, and the hotel’s star rating: In Rome you can pay €3 – €7 per person per day for up to 10 days of your stay

The Netherlands

Charges different in each city, and  the hotel’s star rating. Amsterdam has a 5% tax


The taxes also vary by city. Lisbon is €1 per and Porto’s is €2, whereas the Algarve is €1.50 per person per night.


Charges are 1% of the total value of the accommodation for each night


Fares ranges from €0.60 to €3.13 per person, per night but varies on location and hotel grade.


This varies from no tax in Madrid to €2.50 per person per night in 5 star hotels


Charges are 2.5CHF (Swiss Francs) per person per night

On a European River Cruise all local taxes are included in your total.

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