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Please find our Europe Travel Tours Blog. Europe is steeped in history and culture, with so much variation in such a small space. in Europe Europe Travel Tours BlogTravel Tours Blog we have attempted to try and answer most recurring questions and stoke the fires for travel. From the Atlantic countries of Britain, Ireland, France and Portugal to the Eastern European countries of Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Get some Mediterranean sun in Italy, Spain, Greece or the Balkans. Explore the culture and history of the central European nations that include Germany, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. Want to see fjords and glaciers, why not travel north to Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland or Norway?

Europe has a population of 741 million people over 50 countries. Germany has the largest population in Europe with over 83 million. There are , however, 110 million Russians living on the European side of Russia, which would make it the most populous European country. Europe is home to approximately 11% of the world’s population who live on a continent that covers 3% of the world’s land area. The most spoken languages are English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Polish among a total of over 200 European languages.

Europe has also influenced every part of the world to a greater or lesser degree. The first wave was by the Macedonians, Ancient Greeks and Romans who conquered an extraordinary amount of territory. Not only did they conquer but they also brought their culture, political organization, language and technology which had a lasting effect. The second wave was from more recent western and central European conquerors. In the USA, South Africa , Australia and New Zealand, the majority of “white” people are European descendants. Many South American countries have European ancestry as well, especially Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Some of the richest countries, measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), can be found in Europe. The richest include Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, and Iceland. The reason Europe has the highest GDP per capita per continent, is because most countries have strong economies, whereas on other continents they have a much larger share of poor countries.

Italy, Spain, and France are the biggest wine producing countries in Europe, and together they account for about 70% of the total wine production in the world. But Europeans really love their wine, and most European countries have at least a small production of local wines.

More than half of the European population died during the plague, also known as the Black Death. It spread twice. Once during the Roman empire and was believed to be one of the major causes of its decline. The disease also spread voraciously during medieval times and in just a couple of years it had wiped out more than 50 million people. It spread mostly via infected rodents, mostly the black rat. Most victims died in just 10 days after getting the disease.

Christianity is the main religion, and there is still a strong base of both Catholic and Protestant culture, religious history and practice. The amount of ancient Churches and Cathedrals is astonishing. Europe is a fascinating and rewarding continent to visit. Please enjoy reading some articles on our blog:

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