Czech Republic Tours

Our Czech Republic Tours offer very rewarding vacation options for those interested in history, architecture and culture. The Czech Republic (Czechia) has three regions. Bohemia is in the Czech Republic (Czechia)west of the country and it is the largest and most populous. Moravia is in the east and Czech Silesia is in the north east. The Czech Republic has 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites within its borders. 

The Czech Republic (now known as Czechia) is renowned for ornate castles, native beers (Budweiser) and a long and varied history. The capital Prague, is home to the grand 9th-century Prague Castle, a well preserved medieval town and the statue-lined Charles Bridge. 

Český Krumlov, a small town in the Southern Bohemia region, is notable for its many Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings that have been preserved and are today accessible as restaurants and shops.



What is Prague famous for? Ghosts, beer and missing heads…

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