Croatia is an ancient nation, yet a very young nation state. Once a formidable kingdom under Tomislav in the tenth century, a naval power in the sixteenth and seventeenth, and an awakening national entity in the nineteenth, it has had to endure a thousand years of foreign meddling, subjugation, incursions, and outright wars before being recognized in 1992 as a distinct entity. 

To the north and east is the upper arm of the Croatian crescent, is the Pannonian plains. The capital Zagreb, in the Julian Alps a region covered with vines and orchards. To the west and south are the karst plateaus of this region, consisting mostly of limestone, are barren at the highest elevations; lower down, they are heavily forested. The highest mountain in Croatia, Dinara (6,007 feet [1,831 metres]), is located in the central mountain belt. The Istrian Peninsula and the Dalmatian coast extends south for 1,100 miles (1,800 km) of coastline fringed by more than 1,100 islands and islets.


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