Sliced in half by the famed Balkan mountains and on the crossroad of history and geography, Bulgaria with its north bordered by the Danube River and its east embraced by the Black Sea  is a unique country of generous and peaceful people unbroken by former oppressive communism. Inhabited since ancient times and before it boats distinctive Greek towns,  snow-capped mountains, colorful medieval churches, Thracian tombs, outstanding wines, rose valleys, hot springs and popular seaside resorts. We offer the following tours in Bulgaria


Circle Tour of Bulgaria
8 days  Sofia to Tarnovo – Tour EU1001

The Treasures of Bulgaria
8 days from Sofia to veliko Tarnovo, Troyan, Valley of the Roses, Plovdiv, Backoro, Rila – Tour EU205

Grand Tour of Bulgaria
10 days from Sofia focusing on culture and nature – Tour EU1002

Balkan Mountain Eco Adventure
8 days through ancient mountain passes, eco parks, monasteries, medieval villages – (POA)

Rose Fields and Monasteries
6 days of the most popular Bulgarian attractions – Tour EU203

Rose Festival in Bulgaria
6 days during the famous Rose festival when the petals for rose oil are picked – Tour EU204