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Europe Travel Tours offers over 500 vacations to Europe. The region is beautiful, safer than most US cities and easy to travel through. Enjoy thousands of years of culture and history. Established in 1983, Europe Travel Tours covers all four European regions: west, central, east and north. See the western countries of Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. See the mixture of the west with the east in the Balkans, Greece and Turkey. Explore the history of Central European Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. Marvel at the fjords, glaciers and culture of the Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia in the North.

2021 Tours – advice for planning travel

Some tour and cruise operators have changed their programs for 2021, others are proceeding on reduced dates, whilst others are conducting only private tours. ALL tour operators are focused on running programs with heightened safety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid 19. As you browse our site you will see some tours have not been updated with 2021 dates and pricing, this does not necessarily mean that they are not running. Please contact us for up to date information on any program. 

The safety of our customers is always our biggest priority especially as more of you are planning future travel. The European Union is selectively welcoming back international tourists. Each member country has its own policy for entry and testing/vaccination requirements vary. Navigating and understanding these changing requirements can be challenging. If you are thinking about planning future travel please contact us to get the latest country specific travel advice as the situation is changing frequently.

Private tour options are available for family or friend groups and can be arranged upon request. From January 26th 2021 a negative Covid 19 test is required for re-entry back into the USA, information on this can be found here. We strongly recommend all our travellers get fully vaccinated to protect themselves and the communities they visit. 

Vacations to Europe by Country

You can browse by country using the Navigation menu. Use the top menu to see the different programs.

Multi Country Vacations to Europe

We have vacations that explore several countries, cultures and histories. Our local guides will escort you through their homelands.

Eastern Europe

Europe Travel Tours are expert in Eastern European. The history, natural beauty and culture of this region is now open for exploration.

Short Stays

Choose a short vacation to a famous city. Flexible itineraries, first class accommodation, sightseeing and transfers are all included.

Independent Vacations to Europe

We also offer independent vacations to more confident travelers. Itineraries include sightseeing, accommodation and transportation.

Health Spa Resorts

Relax and recuperate in a hot spring health spa in Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary or Slovakia.

River & Coastal Cruises in Europe

Medieval towns were built on rivers and coasts. Blue Danube Holidays luxury cruises on small ships will help you to discover these countries.

History, Nature and Music

Allegro Holidays focus on Classical Music, Cooking, History, Nature and Religion. We personally recommend the hotels, sights and venues.

Here are some links to inspire your Vacation to Europe!Vacations to Europe

Europe has a population of 741 million people over 50 countries. Germany has the largest population in Europe with over 83 million. There are , however,  110 million Russians living on the European side of Russia, which would make it the most populous European country.

Europe is home to approximately 11% of the world’s population who live on a continent that covers 3% of the world’s land area. The most spoken languages are English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Polish among a total of over 200 European languages.

Europe has influenced every part of the world to a greater or lesser degrees The first wave was by the  Macedonians, Ancient Greeks and Romans who conquered an extraordinary amount of territory. Not only did they conquer but they also brought their culture, political organization, language and technology which had a lasting effect. The second wave was from more recent western and central European conquerors. In the USA, South Africa , Australia and New Zealand, the majority of “white” people are European descendants. Many South American countries have European ancestry as well, especially Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Some of the richest countries, measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), can be found in Europe. The richest include Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, and Iceland. The reason Europe has the highest GDP per capita per continent, is because most countries have strong economies, whereas on  other continents they have a much larger share of poor countries.

Italy, Spain, and France are the biggest wine producing countries in Europe, and together they account for about 70% of the total wine production in the world. But Europeans really love their wine, and most European countries have at least a small production of local wines.

Christianity is the main religion, although many consider themselves non-religious.

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Checklist for Tour Participants

  1. Ensure your passport has 6 months validity, dated from the end of your trip.
  2. Check the Visa requirements for the countries you are traveling to. If your tour goes through multiple countries, please check each one as they can differ.

Schengen Visas for Europe

Turkey has extra requirements. View them HERE

  1. Print your vouchers and all other travel documents and pack them in your carry on luggage.
  2. Travel insurance is a must for all travelers. We can provide a great travel insurance comparison website for North American residents. For our other guests we recommend you contact your broker. Review Insurance Options Here
  3. Check if your tour include airport transfers at the start and end of the tour. If not and you would like this service, please contact us. Click here to make an Inquiry
  4. Most group and private tours provide for one bag per participant and 1 piece of hand luggage. If you plan to take more luggage please check with us beforehand.
  5. For early flight arrivals, the room may not be available until check in time (often after 2pm). Early check in can be requested, however, it is contingent on the hotel’s occupancy on that day and cannot be confirmed prior. The hotel reception will store bags and make available seating areas and in many cases a restaurant for refreshments. If not, the reception desk will be happy to give directions to a local restaurant or café. Getting out on foot is a great way to orient yourself to a new city.
  6. Extra night’s accommodation and city tour packages are also available on request and preplanning them will reduce any unwanted excitement.  
  7. If there are special attractions, you want to see on your “leisure days” on tour be sure to mention them to us or to your tour director so arrangements can be made.
  8. If WIFI access is important to you check with us beforehand as some tours /cruises offer this as part of the package and others do not.

Differences to be Prepared for

  1. Most European hotel rooms don’t have kettles. Hotels make money by selling you food and refreshments in their bar or restaurant. Plenty of your favorite beverage will be available downstairs and in fact your new favorite coffee shop is waiting for you to discover right around the corner where you can order a coffee and watch the locals. I once phoned reception to ask for an iron and was told that THE iron was being used by another room. Again, they make money with the laundry service. As I was in the same city or a week, I ended up walking to the local supermarket and buying a cheap one. So be prepared with ironless shirts and packing clothes in a manner that will ensure less creasing.
  2. A majority of buildings in the old towns were built centuries ago and do not have elevator. You might have to carry your own bags up the stairs. Packing light will help you in this instance and also allow you space for gifts.
  3. Be patient, on a group tour there will always be the straggler, who has difficulty being on time or there are often elderly people who just don’t move as fast. This is often built into the tour so please be patient and kind. On one cruise a bunch of like minded travelers formed a group who would enjoy dinner and the daily tours together. We would rotate who would walk with Jim. He was over 70, interesting, great fun and wonderful conversation at dinner, but a little slower on the walks.
  4. Wear Comfortable shoes. The Romans used cobble stones to build the roads and some of them are still being used today. Many of the roads are cobbled and narrow, with skinny sidewalks. So wear sturdy but comfortable shoes that will help with the terrain.
  5. Clothing is important for two reasons. The first is it protects you from the weather and is vital in your level of comfort. The second is it communicates who you are in a few seconds to those you are about to meet. Europeans tend to be a little more formal and stylish (similar to the big and colder cities where you live). So, it won’t hurt to balance style with comfort. Sweatpants and sneakers are comfortable, but you will get the table next to the toilets every time. Layers help with warmth and shawls or wraps will help with the sun or cold and will also help enter in religious institutions.

Here is a great You Tube Video to help packing:


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