Vacations to Europe

Europe Travel Tours offer exceptional vacations to Europe. Choose from a complete range of guided and independent tours to discover beautiful, safe and historic Vacations to EuropeEurope. From the Atlantic countries of Britain, Ireland, France and Portugal to the Eastern European countries of Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Get some Mediterranean sun in Italy, Spain, Greece or the Balkans. Explore the culture and history of the central European nations that include Germany, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. Want to see fjords and glaciers, why not travel north to Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland or Norway? 

Vacations to Europe by Country

We have over 500 tours and cruises to choose from. You can browse by country using the Navigation menu or the type of vacation using the top menu. Since 1983 we have specialized in European destinations, so we use our extensive expertise and contacts to bring you the best vacations to Europe.

Multi Country Vacations to Europe

In Europe you can travel through several countries in one day. Why not plan a vacation to explore several cultures, histories and languages? You will be escorted by friendly local guides on well planned itineraries.

Eastern Europe

We are experts in Eastern Europe, where much of the history, natural beauty and culture was so well preserved in the 20th century by the Communist ‘deep freeze’.

Short Stays

Mini European vacation for those with limited time. Enjoy a quick trip to famous cities, with flexible itineraries, first class accommodation, sightseeing and transfers included.

Independent Vacations to Europe

We offer self guided tours for those returning to a destination or for confident travelers who speak enough of the local language. The itineraries include sightseeing, accommodation and transportation.

Health Spa Resorts

Relax in the hot spring health spa of Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia and more.

River & Coastal Cruises in Europe

The medieval towns were built on the coasts and rivers that were the highways of the day. Our small ship cruises offer the opportunity to discover the heart and soul of these countries while enjoying the comfort of a floating boutique hotel.

History, Nature and Music

Allegro Holidays specializes in Classical Music, Cooking, Historical, Natural and Religious tours. We have extensive travel experience and can personally recommend the hotels, sights and venues. 

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