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LanchidmacedoniaOur specialty tour company offers trips to less known and exotic places still found on the old continent. We offer a wide range of unique tours and holidays especially to Central and Eastern Europe. From the Majestic palaces of the Russian czars to the fragrant rose fields of Bulgaria and the scenic vistas of the Adriatic Coast in Croatia, we will take you to  hidden villages of Transylvania and cascading waterfalls at Plitvice in Slovenia. There are four main categories from which to select your vacation. You have several options for guided or independent visits in Switzerland, France, Malta and other countries and short packages in famous cities as well as leisurely cruises around the Adriatic shores and marvelous Greek islands.
Guided Multi Country Tours Accompanied by professional tour directors escorted trips are designed for total comfort and peace of mind. Travel with the expertise of local guides and escorts worry-free to unique destinations!
Visit to Eastern Europe Baltic Countries  Croatia  Romania   Transylvania  Russia  Poland   Bulgaria   Czech Republic  Hungary  Slovenia
Independent Self Guided Holidays Explore the continent on your own. These flexible independent vacations can be customized.
Southern France Independent   A flexible tour to sunny Provence and the Azure CoastGlacier Express   A short trip on one of the most scenic railroads of the world up to Zermatt and St Moritz Switzerland by Rail to Interlaken,Lucerne,Geneva, Berne self guided visit of spectacular Switzerland On Top of Europe Interlaken, Lucerne  visit Mt Titlis and Jungraujoch the highest railway station in EuropeSwitzerland Train tour to Interlaken, Zermatt, St Moritz, Lugano  with charming Alpine scenery at every step
City Packages Short holidays in famous cities, with sightseeing. Flexible price categories
River Cruises, Greek Cruises Our river cruises offer you the opportunity to discovering many countries on the continent while enjoying the comfort of your floating hotels
Hot Spring Resorts Hot spring spa holidays, health vacations in Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic